November 17, 2014

I’ve come to believe one truth about the late twenties: just when I think I have things figured out, something changes and it’s back to the start. I’ve watched my world shift in ways both big and small the past few months. I’ve come to terms with how life changes and have tried my best to embrace […]

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It’s Fall, Y’all

October 23, 2014

I have to admit this is my third try on getting this recipe somewhat perfected. I really, really wanted donuts last weekend. There was something about the crisp fall air that wafts smells from the farmers market throughout Downtown. In my perfect world, I could have just purchased a perfect doughnut from the market and […]

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Morning Glory

September 29, 2014

Monday mornings seem to be both wonderful and terrible all at the same time. It always a little hard to let go of the weekend freedom and get moving in the morning. Monday mornings also are so productive. I love starting the day early at the studio, practically loosing my voice from excitement and coming […]

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The Reset Button

September 23, 2014

Reset (v): to set again or anew The past 17 months have challenged me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I marched on with every challenge thrown my way and moved forward without looking back. As important as this time in my life is, I didn’t really get many breaks or moments away from all that life […]

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Early Fall Harvest Muffins

September 15, 2014

I have to admit this. I really don’t like the start of fall. Technically we are still in summer for one more week, but the cloudy sky and cooler temperatures are a clear indicator that summer is indeed at it’s end. I might be the only person that really loves the early sun and temperatures […]

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The Only Certainty in Life

August 10, 2014

I’ve been reminded a lot lately that the only certainty in life is change. Things will change no matter what we do or how hard we try to stay the same. Sometimes change is good. New friends, new opportunities, new jobs, new homes. But it can also be really hard to ride that wave. I’m […]

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Squash Streusel Muffins

July 28, 2014

There is a certain point during the CSA season when I think to myself “I cannot eat another _____.” Somehow I always find some solution for whatever abundance of vegetables I have. This week, it’s summer squash. I love zucchini and summer squash, but the size of the squash rivals my forearm. So let’s be […]

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Accidental Vegan Baking

July 10, 2014

Some of my baking experiments turn into accidental vegan recipes. I remember struggling for so long to transition recipes into gluten-free substitutes. It took a while just to figure out how to use gluten-free flour blends. Then I was challenged to make both gluten-free and vegan desserts. This was easy as long as everything was […]

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Summer Fruit Crumble

July 1, 2014

Sunday was the first day in a while that wasn’t 99 degrees and 99% humidity. Naturally, that meant the oven could be turned on without making me melt indoors. I’ve been stocking up on all the fresh fruit we only see in the summer. Cherries, berries, peaches – I’m essentially on a constant sugar high. […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Bars

June 22, 2014

I’ve been craving rhubarb lately, which must mean summer is finally here. I didn’t grow up eating rhubarb but remember one summer that my grandmother made a strawberry rhubarb pie. I’m pretty sure I was the only person who ate it. There is something about the sweet-tart combination that I love. It is oddly one […]

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