When I turned 26, I had just moved to a new, small town, watched my best friend get married, finished a Masters degree, and had no clue what I was doing with my life. So I got myself a cupcake, had a little pout about this confusing and messy world we live in, and decided that everyone has that quarter life crisis of “what the heck is next?” The answer is a whole lot. I started this blog as a forum to share my passion for good food and talk about the struggles of the mid-twenties and am glad you’re here to share in my journey.

The basics:

  • I’m Alex – a single, 27 year old gal living in Charlottesville, VA.
  • I work for the YMCA and love my job. I lead Virginia’s Pioneering Healthier Communities Initiative to drive policy, systems and environmental changes that will reduce childhood obesity. It’s a big task but I love a good challenge.
  • I earned my Masters of Public Health from the George Washington University and am CHES certified.
  • I run half-marathons and still consider myself crazy for doing so.
  • I eat a gluten-free diet so that my body allows me to run half-marathons.
  • I teach Pure Barre, love to sweat, wish I could take a spin class every day, and don’t practice yoga nearly enough.
  • I volunteer my time by leading a creative cooking class with elementary and middle school students. Its my favorite few hours of the month to get kids engaged in what their making and eating.
  • I like bubble baths, sitting in the sun, sunrises, coffee, and a good cupcake.
  • I take photos with my iPhone because it is usually near me and charged. What you see is what food actually looks like in my house.