Moto Pho Co

by Alexandra London-Gross on October 23, 2012

in Charlottesville, Food

Apparently I’m on a soup kick. After a long monday of work and volunteering with the PB&J Fund my friend (and chef) Courtenay headed to one of Cville’s newest restaurants: Moto Pho Co.

My roommate and I first went to Moto Pho Co back in August, shortly after in opened. I have to say that I was disappointed in the food. It was a place that I wanted to love. The interior is so well done, the menu sounds amazing, but the pho just wasn’t there. I’ve had enough pho in multiple cities to know what to expect. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt this way because Facebook let me know that the beef broth got a little love from the owner’s mom and was now improved. And they weren’t lying.

The Vietnamese coffee is what you’ll find in most restaurants: strong, flavorful coffee with sweetened condensed milk and plenty of ice to dilute the mixture.

Two versions of summer rolls are offered, one with shrimp and one with tofu. I first tried the shrimp rolls, but both are great options. The highlight is definitely the hoisin peanut dipping sauce, which has a great sweet-salty-savory balance. I might have wanted to lick the bowl clean.

The highlight is obviously the pho and three options are available: beef, chicken, or veggie. The beef broth is now spot on. The spices are well balanced and clean. I almost wish I would’ve ordered a large for left over. The pho is served with traditional toppings of been sprouts, Thai basil, lime, and jalapeƱos. I’d personally like to have more bean sprouts but I can also eat them like candy.

I am so thrilled that there is a solid pho restaurant in Charlottesville. I’ll definitely be back to try the pork buns and am keeping my fingers crossed that they expand the menu to include vermicelli.