That Awkward Moment – Talking About BSEs

by Alexandra London-Gross on October 9, 2012

in Health, Living

BSE – A breast self-exam.

For the past two years in October I’ve posted about breast cancer in some form. This year, wounds aren’t quite so fresh. My Mom is officially in remission and tracked by her various doctors every six months. Seeing all of the pink is a little reminder of where we’ve come as a family in the past year and as a reminder of just how very lucky we are.

But it is also a reminder that I’m afraid of something that I can’t control and want to avoid. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had this sinking feeling that some day I’d hear the same news. It feels like something inevitable considering that my maternal grandmother and mom were diagnosed at a similar age. Not to mention that I fit just about every risk factor. I’ve thought about having a mastectomy after having children, about how I don’t want to have a daughter to save her from this worry. I can’t control my fate but I can take steps to know my body.

Breast Self Exams should be performed every month, not just at an annual OB/GYN appointment. Here’s how.